Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here is another recipe from the handmade cookbook from Tom Green County's Home Demonstration. This one was in the book and submitted for the book by Mrs. Neil Hill (Tea-Timers H.D. Club) She states "This was my mother's, Mrs. R.T. Westbrook".

1 1/2 gallon chopped green tomatoes

3 quarts chopped onions

1 pint chopped bell peppers

1 pint chopped hot peppers (or less, to taste)

3/4 cup salt

8 cups sugar

1/2 gallon vinegar

Chop tomatoes first in enamel pan. Pour salt over and let stand while preparing other vegetables. When everything is chopped pour briney water off tomatoes and add all ingredients together and simmer slow until pepper and tomatoes are tender and change color. Do not overcook. Do not boil. Pack in hot sterilized jars. Makes 14 to 16 pints.

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