Sunday, August 5, 2007


Here is another recipe from the 1976 cookbook made out some kind of construction paper. This Kentucky Burgoo recipe was donated by Mrs. Glenn Snodgrass (Tea-Timers H.D. Club) in Tom Green county's Home Demonstration Club. I will type it exactly as written back then. Not sure of original writing though.

600 pounds lean soup meat (no fat, no bones)

200 pounds fat hens

2000 pounds potatoes, peeled and diced

200 pounds onions

5 bushels of cabbage, chopped

60 ten-pound cans of tomatoes

24 ten pound cans puree of tomatoes

24 ten pound cans of carrots

18 ten pound cans of corn

Red pepper and salt to taste

Worcestershire. Tabasco, or A#1 Sauce to season.

Mix the ingredients, a little at a time and cook outdoors in huge iron kettles over wood fires from 15 to 20 hours. Use squirrels in season one dozen squirrels to each 100 gallons. "Burgoo is literally a soup composed of many vegetables and meats delectably fused together in an enormous cauldron, over which, at the exact moment, a rabbit's foot at the end of a yarn string is properly waved by a colored preacher, whose salary had been paid to date. These are the good omens by which the burgoo is fortified".

"Kentucky Burgoo" is the celebrated stew which is served in Kentucky on Derby Day, at Political Rallies, Horse Sales and at other outdoor events. This recipe is from a handwritten copy by Mr. J.T. Looney, of Lexington. Mr. Looney is Kentucky's most famous Burgoo-maker and it was for him that Mr. E.R. Bradley named his Kentucky Derby winner "Burgoo King". Mr. Looney uses a sauce of his own in the preparation of this truly-amazing concoction.

Mr. Looney is invited to all parts of the country to prepare Burgoo for large gatherings. This is not a dish to be attempted by an amateur though it can be prepared in smaller quantities.

It is a very picturesque sight to see Mr. Looney, aided by many negro assistants, preparing this dish over open fires and huge kettles which are kept simmering all night.

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Laura said...

I'd never heard of burgoo until I started working on a marketing campaign for Hellmann's - have you seen this video? It's shows a church in Owensboro, KY as they cook burgoo - pretty cool!