Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Photos of some critters for Jungl to see

I had seen Jungls photos on his blog and wanted to share these two photos of a couple of critters living on my front porch and in my yard. Taken with a Samsung digital camera. (operator of camera is not a professional-that would be me)
In the one photo, is what I call a zipper spider and they get huge here in Texas. This one has been catching dirt dobbers near my wind chimes. In the other photo, is a green grasshopper, because of the rain, this one has become extremely overweight and fat. You may need to look closely.
I am not good at taking pictures but I hope you like these. You can go to Jungl's web page and see some extraordinary photos he has taken. Cheers to you my friend. :)


1 comment:

jungl said...

I love insect photography! That grasshopper is really cool! Is it edible? ;)

You are using a bit too much flash on the spider, but I'm not sure you can change how powerful the flash is on your camera.
Thanks for the link :)