Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Storms coming!! A pic from my front porch.

Looks like we are in for it again today here in Texas. I just took a shot from my front porch a view of the oncoming storm AGAIN. I don't mind the rain. But I have a feeling the earth is going through some major changes and the public should stock up for this coming winter.
Temp right now is 78.7 degrees, we are currently under ANOTHER flash flood warning. I live close to the Peach creek and also near possum trot run and they do have tendencies to over flow and flood. Please dear Lord, keep us safe here.

I was going to confess today, but I am truly to scared to. I can not bring myself to do it, and I hope you understand. Thats it. Finito, finished, done, over with. Rest assured I am not being abused nor am I hooked on any drugs. I may build up the curage later okay, right now, I cant.

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